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Outsourcing Solutions

Turbulent times have gripped all economies, big and small. At 2030, we believe in partnering up with the players to leverage each other’s strengths & bring the collective cost of operations down. If your organization is geared to use its idle capacity in any of the business functions that currently serve you internally, let 2030 find you a commercial buyer for that excess capacity/capability.

Currently, 2030 has developed its capabilities around the following functions:

  1. Logistics services
  2. Kitchen operations
  3. Customer care & acquisition
  4. Cost control via an integrated tech stack
  5. Financial reporting
  6. Operations overhaul

Our multi-function team has been engaged with the following names:

  1. Dastgyr Technologies (B2B Solutions, Pakistan, UAE & UK)
  2. Domino’s Pizza (Pakistan, Middle East, Africa, Europe & US)
  3. Pizza Hut (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Europe)
  4. Al-Shaheer Corporation (Leading meat exporter, Pakistan)
  5. WAH Brands (Pakistan)
  6. Food Panda (Pakistan)
  7. International House of Pancakes (Pakistan)
  8. Guidance Group (Barcelos, Pakistan)
  9. Costa Coffee (Pakistan)