Fries Combo

Classic or Masala Fries and a drink.

Drip Fries Combo

Any Drip Fries and a drink.

Chicken Strips Value Meal

5 PCs Chicken Strips, Fries, a bun, a dip and a drink.

Summer Fun Deal

Any Drip Fries, 5 Chicken Tendies, a Drip Dip and a drink.

Confetti Combo

Any 1 Fancy Fries, any 1 Drip Fries and Masala or Classic Fries

Triple Madness

Hot N Saucy Burger, Mad Crunch Burger, Hickory BBQ Burger & 3 drinks.

Mister Mad Party

4 Mister Mad Burgers, 4 PCs Fried Chicken and a 1.5 Litre Drink.