Mad Dip

For that lil’ extra somethin’ somethin’

Soft Drink

Nothing like a cold beverage to bring out the flavor of your food!

Fries Combo

Classic or Masala Fries and a drink.


Good ol’ classic salted fries

Drip Fries Combo

Any Drip Fries and a drink.

1 Piece Fried Chicken

1 Piece Fried Chicken w/ bone

Masala Fries

Fries with masala sprinkled on top.

Mad Mania

Mad Classic Burger with drink.

Fair Square Offer

Mad Crunch Burger and a drink!


These lil’ Nuggs wanna give you a hug! 6 pieces of crispy chicken nuggets and a Drip Dip!

Mad Classic Burger

Classic fried chicken patty with crunchy iceberg, mayo and our signature sauce in a soft bun

Date For One

Saucy Crisp Burger and a drink! For your number one: you.

BOGO Classic Burger

2 Mad Classic Burgers for the price of one!

Cheesy-Mayo Fries

Fries topped with cheesy-mayo sauce.

Mad Solo

1 Crunch Burger + Drink

Original: The Deal

1 Original Beef Burger with a soft-drink (345ml)

Riot for One

Classic Grill Burger with a 345ml soft-drink.

Mad Classic Combo

Mad Classic Burger, fries and a drink

BBQ Fries

Fries topped with BBQ sauce.

Garlic Mayo Fries

Fries topped with garlic mayo.

Buffalo Fries

Fries topped with buffalo sauce.

Sweet Chilli Fries

Fries topped with Sweet Thai Chilli sauce.

Fancy Fries Combo

Any Fancy Fries and a drink!

Midnight Deal 1

1 Mad Crunch Burger + Fries

Cheese Mayo Fries

Fries topped with a cheesy mayo sauce

Mister Mad Burger

Crispy fried chicken fillet, iceberg lettuce and mayo in a bun.

Mad Crunch Burger Combo

1 Mad Crunch Burger with Fries and Drink.



No more items available