Mad Dip

For that lil’ extra somethin’ somethin’

Mini Wrap Lite Munch

Crispy chicken fillet chunks, mayo, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce wrapped in a tortilla.

Mini Strips Lite Munch

2 crispy chicken strips with ketchup and a bun.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a complete meal. It is a light snack for munching only

Popcorn Chicken

8 pieces of crispy chicken pops, served with a dip.


These lil’ Nuggs wanna give you a hug! 6 pieces of crispy chicken nuggets and a Drip Dip!

Buffalo Mad Wings

Chicken wings dunked in buffalo sauce.

BBQ Mad Wings

Chicken wings dunked in BBQ sauce.

Chipotle Mad Wings

Chicken wings dunked in chipotle sauce.

Crispy Chicken Strips

5 pieces of crispy chicken strips, served with a dip.

Munch Box

4 Crispy Wings, 4 PCs Chicken Popcorn, 2 Chicken Strips and a dip.

9 Wing Box

9 pieces of crispy chicken wings.